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Phone numbers and opening hours for BT customer service and support


From landline:
0800 111 4567

From mobile:
0330 123 4567

Monday: 8am - 8pm
Tuesday: 8am - 8pm
Wednesday: 8am - 8pm
Thursday: 8am - 8pm
Friday: 8am - 8pm
Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday: 9am - 6pm

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More info about BT

BT Group is a telecommunications services company providing telephone, broadband, and subscription television services to residents in Great Britain. The company also provides telecom services to corporate and government customers worldwide. The company has headquarters in London but operates in 170 countries worldwide. In Great Britain alone the company has a total of 18 million customers. The company also runs the telephone exchange and loop connections for the majority of England’s land lines.

BT customer service

The company is organized into six different divisions. BT Global Services provides IT and telecom services to multinationals; BT Business provides telecom services to the small and medium businesses in the UK; BT Consumer provides retail telecoms services to consumers including television; BT Wholesale is responsible for operating BT’s networks: Openreach provides open access to BT’s local network; finally, BT technology is responsible for innovation and technological advances.

Due to the fact that the company has many responsibilities and millions of customers it is paramount that they provide adequate customer service. Just by googling BT, the customer service phone number immediately pops up. This general inquiries number is 00 44 1793 596931. Email addresses and more detailed phone directories are also readily available here.

On the BT customer service page one can search at the top in the search bar for a typical problem. On the website there are links to help direct customers’ inquiries. The website is divided into “at home”, meaning general consumer issues or “in business” for small and medium sized businesses. Upon first glance, the customer service site looks very outdated and disorganized. At the very bottom of the page to the right is a link named “find a number” which may be helpful in finding a more accurate number for your problem.

Clicking “help” on the website brings you to another webpage that helps to try and direct you to the right department. By running your mouse over the different departments, an even more detailed list of inquiries pops up. There is also an “ask the community” portal which may be useful. This allows the user to chat with other customers in a discussion board. They also offer user manuals to help troubleshoot TVs, cell phones, and other equipment which could be very helpful if you have lost yours.

Many customers complain about BT’s customer service. Complaints range from really slow internet service to poor English spoken by customer service representatives. Others complain that the company charges too much for its services and that the reception is unreliable. Many complain that some of their TV channels are not watchable.

Some customers however seem to be really happy with the service that they have received from BT, saying that the service is reliable and that they got help when they needed it.

To find out more go to BT’s customer service site.