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From your Three mobile:


From any other phone:

0333 300 3333

From abroad:

+44 7782 333 333


8am - 8pm


8am - 8pm


8am - 8pm


8am - 8pm


8am - 8pm


9am - 6pm


9am - 6pm



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2019-04-23 18:10

Veronica Giordano



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2017-12-30 13:45

irina Ohak

very difficult to call them.


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2016-12-07 09:56


Recording at various 3 numbers in the UK cannot deal with what I am calling about - TOTALLY USELESS


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2016-10-10 16:42


Very poor service both reception wise on my phone and also customer care service to. This in spite of the fact that I was a loyal customer for over 5 years with 3 the support was appalling especially over the past 12 months! Sorry 3 NEVER again!


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2016-09-07 18:52

Allan Field

I had forgotten my SIM pin and wanted to lock it. I tried 2 guesses, and stopped before it locked the SIM . So, dialled 333 for \"Customer Service support\" and obtained a PUK. Tried this as a third go for the SIM pin ... disaster, it locked the SIM. Managed to find the page to enter the PUK, and then chose a new SIM pin.


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2016-09-03 18:45

Suzanne Plimley

I am a customer with Three and have been for about 8years. Today I bought a new payg phone from your Huddersfield branch. I also purchased a £10 top up. For some reason this transaction became complicated when I tried to transfer the top up to my own number. Sheena was very helpful and she actually spoke to the person dealing with me on the phone (Daniel) a number of times. Without her I don\'t think I could have sorted the problem out. Please pass this on to her superior. Thanks


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2016-07-27 17:19

Lamin Dumbuya

Well I just want to say to you ,your is very good service


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2016-05-23 21:03

Petrisor Marasescu

The worst customer service. I have been charged two months after I asked to cancel the account with three.I have been told that is a mistake but the money has been taken from account and I have a late payment on the credit score. I did succeed to cancel the account after I spoke with 5(five) people and it taken 1 hour and half (90 minute). Still I am not sure if I will be refunded or not, At list I hope the account has been cancelled. Peter Marasescu

More info about

Three is a telecommunications and Internet service provider operating in the United Kingdom that was founded in 2003. Three became the first video mobile network with their creation and ever since have been continually striving to continually increase the quality of service for their customers. One of the newest of these options is allowing users in the UK to be able to route their calls and texts through a WiFi network when they do not have an Internet connection. This is especially useful for those who ride the London Underground as signal reception here is poor and Three customers actually have access to Virgin WiFi spots while there.

Three customer service

By going onto Three's online support page customers will be able to view a variety of different resources available to them for whatever they need help with. Areas that they can choose from range from questions about using pay as you go mobile services, to device support, to upgrading or cancelling their current contract or device. For example, if a customer wants to know their options about upgrading their contract from the website, they can have a text sent directly to their phone which will give them a variety of different options regarding the possible upgrades available to them. This allows customers to not only get the information through text but also to upgrade their services in the same way so that they can upgrade at any time of their choosing. This ability to conduct services through text is not exclusive to customers seeking to upgrade their contracts, but also to a variety of customers. Other customers who benefit from this service are those that are pay as you go customers. With this option customers can easily top up their account as soon as they need it.

Three also offers the standard drop down menu customer support on their website to customers who may have a commonly asked question answered instantly. This is good because it has a wide variety of answers to common problems, concerns, or questions that other customers had. By compiling these online, Three is giving its customers a fast, hassle free way to ensure customers can have their issues resolved. Even if they cannot finish the service they need online, they will be given different avenues of ways to solve their problem. If customers are unhappy or would just prefer to get in contact with someone directly, they have the option to either email a customer support representative or call them directly. Although these options are not as fast as checking online, it does benefit customers because if their question is more obscure they can have it answered by someone who is more knowledgeable about the situation than they are.

A last option Three customers have to get support is to visit a retail location. Three has continually been rolling out retail locations so that finding a store is getting easier by the day. These retail locations not only allow customers, both new and existing, to have questions answered by a representative, but also to set up a new phone or Sim and instantly start using it. This is an attractive option for customers who need instant mobile services that they can't wait for to come in the post. Not only that, but customers will get a chance to check out new phones available to them when they are a Three customer, phones that they may have not previously had the chance to get their hands on before.

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