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All phones:
0870 075 5588

From Lebara mobile:

Monday: 9AM - 8PM
Tuesday: 9AM - 8PM
Wednesday: 9AM - 8PM
Thursday: 9AM - 8PM
Friday: 9AM - 8PM
Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday: 9AM - 6PM

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stuart cuthbert:

having recently become a lebara customer i have to say i am disgusted at the customer service i have received. From m y phone i am unable to ring any numbers with the prefix 07399, on speaking to customer service i discovered the person i was talking to had not a clue as to what was wrong, refered me to ee and put the phone down. ee do not deal with these problems they told me, as lebara only rents their aerials.

2016-04-29 17:22:00