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+44 (0) 1635 33251

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8am - 9pm


8am - 9pm


8am - 9pm


8am - 9pm


8am - 9pm


8am - 9pm


8am - 9pm

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2015-11-17 14:25


Terrible, I\'ve so far contacted Vodafone over 30 times at around an hour each time since September and I still haven\'t got anywhere. I currently am unable to send/receive texts or receive incoming calls. Problem is not with the phone or the SIM card its ridiculous all I get is empty apologies and repeatedly lied too and told to wait yet another 24-48 hours for nothing to inevitably happen. Avoid!!!


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2015-08-20 16:16


I`m totally sutisfied by Vodafone customer service. Had a problem, their specialists helped me to fix it very fast.

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Vodafone offers a variety of online services for customers online depending on whether they are a private or business customer. When a client goes online for support there are a variety of options depending not only on whether they are a business or a private customer, but also depending on which subgroup of customer they are. This highly tailored approach ensures that customers can have their needs met, depending on their problem, without even having to pick up the phone or visiting a retail store to speak with a representative. This allows customers to be able to have their queries solved at whatever time suits them best, allowing customers with even the smallest amount of free time the chance to get help whenever they need it without any restrictions.

Vodafone is a leading UK telecommunications company that is part of the Vodafone Group, which is the second largest mobile company in the world. They have 55 million customers worldwide and have 19.5 million customers in the UK alone. Due to their large size they allow customers a variety of options for telecommunications solutions. Having been around since the 1980s they have continually provided top level services to their customers. They offer mobile services for both pay as you go and contract customers and broadband/ home phone lines for personal and business consumers.

Vodafone customer service

Vodafone customers can go online and follow drop down menus to find answers to their questions. This allows customers to click through the menus to continually increase the specificity of their search to get to the exact issue that they are searching for. This allows the customer to find answers to their questions at their own leisure, so that when a problem or question arises, it is not necessary to wait for opening hours to get it solved.

If this avenue does not yield answers to the questions a customer has, he or she has a variety of other routes to find the necessary answers. One of these is a live chat that will allow the customers to have their answers answered by a representative that has more knowledge of the practices and policies of the company.This would also allow the customer to avoid having to pay anything for answers to his or her questions. There is another option that would be free, which would be to query customer services, but the time to get a response is much slower than the live chat route to get a response.

Another option available to customers is to call Vodafone to speak with a customer representative who can answer questions for them in a timely manner. The drawback to this is that the opening hours for inbound calls is restricted to specific times that may or may not be convenient for customers depending on their schedule. A last option available to customers is to visit a retail location.  This also has the drawback of having opening hours, but it does allow for a larger variety of services to be performed such as purchasing a new phone and having it immediately.

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