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Phone numbers and opening hours for Orange customer service and support


Customer Service:
07973 100 150

Calling from abroad or with another provider:
07973 100 450

Mobile customers:
07973 100 150

Monday: 8am - 10pm
Tuesday: 8am - 10pm
Wednesday: 8am - 10pm
Thursday: 8am - 10pm
Friday: 8am - 10pm
Saturday: 8am - 8pm
Sunday: 8am - 8pm

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More info about Orange

Orange is a mobile communications company that has now merged with EE so they fall under the same customer services policies as EE/T Mobile UK. They were founded in 1993 and merged with EE/T Mobile starting in 2009. Since then they have fallen under the EE branch of customer services.

Orange customer service

Orange offers a variety of ways to get in touch for any customer service needs that customers may have. The first way is directly on their website. From here there is a step by step process to get customers an answer on a variety of different topics by clicking through individual sections that get more complex as one goes through each progressive step. Topics range from everything from questions about a bill, to unlocking a mobile phone, to broadband services. Although this is an extensive collection of answers for consumers they also offer other avenues for customer services.

Another route consumers can take is to check the EE community. This is a forum hosted by EE where customers can search to see if the question has been previously answered, or alternatively ask and wait for a rose from other members. This section is extremely helpful for the times when a question may be so specific or unusual that it would not be covered by a normal search from the Orange areas that are already posted on the website. This section also allows users to share tips and tricks that they may know to get the most out of their EE account.

Finally Orange also allows customers to get in touch with Orange representatives to have their questions answered either by phone or in person at one of their locations. They have a specific phone number for customers to call so that they can speak with a representative. Customers can also visit any of the 580 retail locations that Orange has set up across the country. Going into a retail store is often the fastest option, as immediate answers are available from the employees working in the retail stores.