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From TextTalk line:
0870 444 1820

From mobile:
0203 441 5550

Monday: 24x7
Tuesday: 24x7
Wednesday: 24x7
Thursday: 24x7
Friday: 24x7
Saturday: 24x7
Sunday: 24x7

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Jane Duffy:

I’ve been trying to report my landline phone which has not been working for 9 days now. I can’t make or receive calls. I’ve rung Talk Talk 4 times and after being on my mobile today for an hour and 17 minutes I finally appear to have secured an engineer to come out next week. This service is awful. I don’t blame the operators who are clearly following a script and trying to help but it’s a ridiculous system with a lot of false promises about engineers who will supposedly fix the problem at the exchange and then contact you if they need access to your home. This clearly doesn’t happen. Talk Talk need to up their game as by looking at these comments, no one is impressed. Very poor.

2022-02-25 11:28:50

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Gillian Topp:

Absolutely terrible service - I can’t wait for my contract to end so I can change providers

2022-02-11 19:45:54

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My internet has stopped working My pills have all been paid the white light is on but not connecting to the internet and every time I call I’m getting cut off I need someone to contact me asap I’m not paying for a service I’ve not got!!!

2022-01-02 16:54:59

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Natashcia Grieve:

I spoke with Joseph and he was very helpful ! I would definitely give him 5 stars. He was efficient . And very friendly and resolved my issue quickly! Thank you so much.

2021-11-29 18:26:21

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BrendaHarrison :

I only wanted to cancel the installation of tv/broadband package I do not want to change to TalkTalk

2021-10-11 17:13:10

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Claire le Riche :

Absolutely horrendous messed about from start to finish bad customer service do not use them

2021-09-28 18:14:05

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Eva Nagy:

I ordered the internet fibre 65 package. The router arrived, it’s plugged but it hasn’t been activated yet. Can you please activate ASAP?? I need it for my work .. Thanks

2021-08-03 06:57:40

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Joanna Fletcher:

Worst service I have ever received by broadband company. Installation incomplete, no acknowledgement, a nightmare to reach to chase

2021-07-18 19:27:05

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Talk talk customer service is absolutely atrocious. I chose to go with another company who had good customer service even though I had to pay much more because I couldn’t bear to go through what I went with with talk talk I was repeatedly misunderstood and then actions that were asked to be done on my account were not done. They might be cheaper but if you have to speak to customer service it will cost you a lot more in time and energy.

2021-06-14 12:28:40

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robert guerrero:

haven\'t received my chocolate warmer order from amazon three days ago

2017-04-04 00:18:55

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I generally find that personnel speak either poor or very poor English. I often don\'t really understand what they are trying to say and have to ask them to repeat it. Also they are incredibly slow and calls take a very long time.

2016-08-31 15:43:00