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Phone numbers and opening hours for Tesco Mobile customer service and support


Customer Care:
0345 301 4455

Customer Care from tesco mobile:

Technical support:
0345 300 6660

Monday: 8am to 8pm
Tuesday: 8am to 8pm
Wednesday: 8am to 8pm
Thursday: 8am to 8pm
Friday: 8am to 8pm
Saturday: 8am to 8pm
Sunday: 8am to 8pm

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More info about Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator servicing the United Kingdom, Ireland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Except for Hungary, Tesco Mobile uses the O2 network as its carrier. Tesco Mobile now offers customers free 4G service. Tesco Mobile actually contracts out their customer service to O2 Communications, located in Manchester. Device technical services for Tesco Mobile are operated by WDS and Xerox in Dorset and repair services are handled by Novo UK.

Tesco Mobile customer service

To get help the best place to start is Tesco Mobile’s support page. Here customers can get help with devices and paying bills. Customers can also choose to ask an expert or tweet an issue. To get in touch with customer care simply call 0345- 301-4455 or from your Tesco phone dial 4455. If you need technical support call 0345-300-6660.

If you have lost your manual or need a devices guide you can click status checker.

They also suggest taking your SIM card out and cleaning your phone with a dry soft cloth. You could also try putting your SIM card into a different phone. If the SIM card works in another phone it’s possible that you have a faulty phone. If you think you have a faulty phone Tesco promises to replace it no extra charge. To get help call 0345-300-6660.

Most customers are fairly satisfied with the customer service they’ve received from Tesco Mobile. Customers are happy about the price and say they like the pay-as-you-go cap option which caps off the amount of money you can spend in a month. This avoids unexpected costs. Others report that when their phone broke Tesco replaced it quickly with little hassle.

There are however some complaints. Some complain that they were unjustly charged, others say they were accidently signed up on a yearly contract when they just wanted a pay-as-you-go phone.

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