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Customer service:
01733 224 808

Monday: 0900 'til 1800
Tuesday: 0900 'til 1800
Wednesday: 0900 'til 1800
Thursday: 0900 'til 1800
Friday: 0900 'til 1800
Saturday: 0900 'til 1730

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More info about Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook is a travel agent which offers competitive prices on package travel deals and inclusive vacations to customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company employs over 19,000 people. The company operates mostly through their online website. The company also allows customers to just book a flight on the site or a hotel if they want more flexibility in their choices.

Thomas Cook customer service

To get in touch with Thomas Cook customer service, the best place to start is the customer service section on their website. From here you can type in a specific key word to get more information on an issue or leave feedback for the company. On the side of the page customers can find a button for live chatting. It may also be helpful to login first to get the most adequate help with a problem.

Thomas Cook also provides a representative at the destination. They claim that over 80% of customers are visited by a Thomas Cook representative at their hotel at least twice a week. While you’re at your hotel you can also call, text, or live chat with a Thomas Cook representative to get tips, plan day trips or if you need help. To find out more click here .

Any holiday or flight or even hotel that you book with Thomas Cook will also come with an ATOL certificate. This will detail what is covered if there is an emergency or cancellation either on the part of the company or customer.

If you need to make a travel insurance claim, you should call 0871 895 0074. You will need to have your policy number and booking reference number, as well as your travel itinerary, and any documents such as an incident report or circumstances of the claim.

Thomas Cook also has a 24-hour hotline number that can be accessed from any country. The number is +44 (0) 871 895 0100 or +44 (0) 173 340 2046.

The company suggests keeping all receipts for reference if you are planning to make a claim. It is also helpful for you to report any incidents to the local police as soon as possible. In addition, keep all passports and travel documents safely with you or in a locked safe.

For frequently asked questions, Thomas Cook also has a customer care number. If you are wondering what the baggage allowance is, or whether transfers are included, you can call 0843 506 8870.

For more information or to get in touch with a representative click here.